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  • Terence Kong

    Terence Kong

    A lifelong introvert, minimalist and nonconformist who writes about personal development, relationships & mental health.

  • Invillea


    Stories about the practical application of leadership, management and self-development.

  • Sahir Dhalla

    Sahir Dhalla

    University student exploring the world of writing. Using philosophy and neuroscience to improve lives, but also writing things I find interesting.

  • Simon Griffiths

    Simon Griffiths

    I am the founder of Outdoor Swimmer magazine ( I write about swimming, swimrun, writing, marketing, business & publishing.

  • Paul Knulst

    Paul Knulst

    Husband, father of two, geek, lifelong learner, tech lover & software engineer. Writing about projects and challenges in IT

  • Jazelle Handoush

    Jazelle Handoush

    A writer with an ink-stained soul, editor who wields a red pen as her sword, & marketing guru ready to take on the world. Subscribe today!

  • Jennifer Loring

    Jennifer Loring

    Jennifer Loring is a doctoral student, horror writer, and Gen-Xer living her okayest life. Check out her newsletter:

  • Emthy Story

    Emthy Story

    Poetry, painting & story.

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